Watched the arts Trustee videos?

Itching to learn more, but short on time?

We’ve got your back.

Here’s our curated selection of tool kits. blogs & good reads.

The start of the journey…

When David Byrne said that the first thing he did after attending his first Trustee meeting was run home and Google with no avail, we thought, ‘if only we had a pound for every time…’

To stop you from getting lost down the Google rabbit hole, we’ve curated three of the best useful blogs and tool kits to give you an induction into the technical & legal aspects of your new role as a Trustee:

What you give & get

Marcus Davey, Sanaz Amidi and Moira Sinclair all said it - being a Trustee is a two-way relationship. So what can you expect to get from it? And what are you expected to give?

Here are some good reads of what you give and what you get as a Trustee:

The ‘Art’ of the Board

All of our experienced arts Trustees said it well in this video… being an arts Trustee has its own, well, art. There aren’t loads of reading resources about that out there, which is why we created the videos!

But if you’d like to think about the art of the board more broadly, here are a few pieces that might be of interest:


Challenges can be both internal and external.

If you’d like to think more about challenges, and mitigating risk, these reads might be of interest:

Journey to great governance

Lots of the Trustees talked about the importance of inductions, refreshing the board, and developing practice over time.

The journey to great governance takes times. So here are some thematically connected reads to get you thinking about that journey and what it might mean for you & your Board:

If I could go back…

Our experienced arts Trustees in the video aren’t the only people with plenty of retrospective advice.

Here are a few more reads and tips that people would tell themselves:

If you do have time for more…

Clore Leadership’s Practical Guide to Governance in Arts & Museums is a useful resource for more detail on the practical aspects of being a Trustee for the cultural sector…